Myth, Fables and The Modern Mind

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Are we logical yet?

We can easily see mythological thinking in so-called primitive tribal stories of the world, but we somehow don’t notice that the stories we moderns believe construct the world we live in.

Those who believe in nature spirits, who can see constellations in the night sky we can’t see without telescopes, who “know” everything has a soul and is related are at a severe disadvantage in our times. They don’t have the mechanisms and tools in place to defend themselves against the technological onslaught of people who want to convert nature into money.

To me, this conflict shows that humans have the ability to live in a state of deep communion with the creative source, but that it’s also possible to forget our original sensitivity and respect for life. Exploitation has become our credo.

A strange belief in stand-alone entities randomly and accidentally making up the universe we live in is the current myth we live by. That myth lets us destroy nature, use it up, frack it, dump our garbage in it, poison it, even change its genetic structure.

Runaway technology, irresponsible use of power, spiritual blindness — based on a myth of separation — is the theme of our civilization. It can’t last. It’s not built to last, it’s built on very shaky foundations.

Technical solutions have been proposed, like blocking the sun with chemicals, planting trees or reducing the human birth rate, but I don’t see a technical manoeuvre saving us if we can’t love.

I think we need a more open heart combined with an advance in consciousness.

Anima Mundi is the term the ancients used to speak of a reality everyone accepted as real, beautiful and essential to all life. We would say “the world soul.”

It’s time to remind ourselves that we’ve been acting as if the world has no soul, and if we keep going in that direction, we’ll make that story come true. A soulless world will be a our moonscape.

Those of us who trade in words and ideas have a responsibility in the face of this situation. It’s a juggernaut that won’t stop all by itself.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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