Marry The Journey

David Price
3 min readJan 2, 2022
Vittorio Zecchin

In the language of ancient Greek poetry the word for ‘road’ and the word for ‘song’, oimos and oime, are almost identical. They have the same origin. The poet’s song was quite simply a journey into another world: a world where the past and future are as accessible and real as the present. And his journey was his song. Those were the times when the poet was a shaman. The words shamans use as they enter the state of ecstasy evoke the things they speak about. The poems they sing don’t only describe their journeys; they are what makes the journey happen.

— Peter Kingsley


If you are going to bring something new into your world this year, find the field you will marry, as the poet marries language, as the artist marries color and texture, as the chef marries taste and aroma, as the swimmer marries the water.”

- Robert Moss, Dreaming the Soul Back Home


“We could have seen long ago from primitive societies what the loss of numinosity means: they lose their raison d’etre, the order of their social organizations, and then dissolve and decay. We are now in the same condition. We have lost something we have never properly understood…. We have stripped all things of their mystery and numinousity. Nothing is holy any longer.”

~ C. G. Jung, The undiscovered Self. Pg 134


Keep it up. The Muse doesn’t come to you every once in a while with divine inspiration. You have to work for it. If you don’t, she takes her gifts elsewhere, believe me.

— Gwyllm Llwydd

I married painting for over fifty years, to use that metaphor, but I was always in love with words and language too. Then, in my dotage, I began to romance writing more seriously. I wanted to know if I was any kind of writer, and if so, what kind. I’m still on that journey. I’ve learned that I’m equally attached to words and images. But for me, the creative journey feels most satisfying and complete when both are present and playing off each other. Both push the creative journey forward. Working together they make something happen inside me, a kind of alchemical reaction that produces insights that I’m not sure would happen without their interaction.

David Price

I write about creativity, loving, language learning and psycho/spirituality. I’m a longtime painter and reader.