Painting by Tomas Sanchez

“Because our present culture has lost touch with the knowing of how we are interconnected with the Earth, we have forgotten how deeply we affect the Earth as a living being. We are belatedly realizing how our global industrial growth and our consumer society are negatively impacting our physical environment,..

Sadly, tragically, our forgetfulness of the Earth’s magical nature, and the fact that so few of us practice the rituals that sustain this relationship, have meant that this magical living dimension of the Earth has receded from consciousness…

…Now, the Earth is dying physically and spiritually. We cannot return to the dances and stories of our ancestors — they belong to a different time and place. But if we are to help the Earth, to stop her from losing the consciousness of her own soul, she needs a direct infusion of divine light.

And the simple act of our remembrance of Her sacred nature can help in this moment. From our own heart to the heart of the world light and love can flow, and the cells in the physical body of the Earth will remember its Source, will hear like distant music its own song.”

— Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Modern humans have forgotten something essential and if we don’t relearn it we don’t have a very good chance of survival. We really have to reinvent our spirituality, our religious sense, our vision of how we are all connected to the source of life. Our view of life hasn’t caught up with our science.

Quantum physics contradicts our common-sense vision of things. Not only does solid matter not really exist, it says, but everything in the universe is intimately connected to everything else. Everything in existence comprises and lives in a paradigm that could be called “ the mind of God.” Nothing can exist outside that paradigm.

Our ancient stories have lost their power to teach us how to be good human beings on the planet. Our technical prowess has outstripped our spirituality, which continues to atrophy. Our roots in nature are tenuous. We have a simplistic and shallow view of who and what we are. That wouldn’t be so scary if we were a little less well armed and bellicose, if we could see and care about nature and the web of life, if we were a little kinder.

As it is, we have a responsibility to examine our own hearts to challenge our own sense of isolation. The first step in healing that rift is in noticing how convinced we are of our separateness and how that assumption informs our way of being in the world. Ultimately though, changing belief systems has limited power to change our level of love for Creation. Something has to change in the heart as well as the mind.

Our civilization is spiritually sick. We’re adrift as far as any vision of what we’re doing here and how we should be living. Without addressing our deficit of relatedness, things will continue to degrade.

Cruel beliefs create cruel people, or is it the other way around? In any case, our religion hasn’t made us better humans. It has excused, aided and abetted our cruelty. The geocide of Native Americans, the extermination of species and the cavalier abuse of water and land is always there to remind us of who we are.

Saving ourselves from ourselves is our conundrum. I think it starts with our education and learning how we build a complex system of beliefs that supports our isolation and inability to feel connected to and care for the natural world. This is our next great challenge as human beings.

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