Love, Consciousness And Politics

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“Those who say spirituality has nothing to do with politics do not know what spirituality really means.” Jack Kornfield

‘Reflective insights may arise like the lotus from the still lake of meditation, while creative insights come at the raw and tender edge of confrontation at the borderlines where we are most sensitive and exposed — and curiously most alone. To meet you, I must risk myself as I am. The naked human is challenged. It would be safer reflecting alone than confronting you. And even the favorite dictum of reflective psychology — a psychology which has consciousness rather than love as its main goal — ‘Know thyself’’ will be insufficient for a creative psychology. Not ‘Know thyself’ through reflection, but ‘Reveal thyself’, which is the same as the commandment to love, since nowhere are we more revealed than in our loving’.

James Hillman

We can see the problems with a low level of consciousness in life because the link to narrow minded prejudice and unexamined belief systems makes it obvious. But we keep forgetting the primary importance of love. Existence is not built out of consciousness, it is built out of love. At a certain level of mental spaciousness, it becomes obvious that everything is dancing in delight, right down to the atoms and electrons. The energies of love at that level are palpable.

We miss it though, in our normal lives. We believe in belief as the motor of our existence. The central importance and powers of love in the creation and relatedness of all things is invisible to us civilized folk. It seems a little sentimental to be using the word love in such a prominent position. The universe is, after all, a giant mechanism, a complex and ingenious system, isn’t it?

So what does love have to do with it?

This philosophical discussion is a mirror of our blighted “civilized” view of life. The important thing is not whether it’s true or not. The fact that we are persuaded by an unloving explanation of the world says a lot about us. It tells a story of a people with a shrunken spirit who can’t help projecting their small heart onto God.

It would be amusing if it weren’t so tragic. How can we be expected to construct a political and business life that doesn’t destroy us if we have so little vision ourselves?

Right now we see the consequences of our small vision of things. The outcome has caught us unawares. We didn’t expect it, even though it was preordained by our own lack of love. American logic of enslavement to a punitive system looks strange and unnecessarily cruel to non Americans.

Our struggle to survive in the midst of incredible riches looks like a bizarre mental illness that can’t be solved by any strategy yet invented.

We are caught in a collective blindness. Somehow there seems no exit from our stupor. Trapped in a belief system that uses the most obviously childish circular logic, we can’t find our way out. That way out is the way of love, the one thing we can’t do, the one thing we can’t see or feel.

The mark of maturity is the ability to love. America needs to grow up, learn generosity and kindness. The criminals in control of ever growing areas of our governance will never be converted to love. Self interest in service to unquestioned faith in punishment and utility of everything for money has closed those minds permanently.

The lesson is harsh and grows harsher by the minute. We live in a time of emergency created by our inability to love.

If this society collapses, love is the only thing that can rebuild it.

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