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Why must politics exclude love, generosity, caring? Why are those other people always wrong, always cheating us? Why must the discussion be about austerity (for others, of course), about the “real” world and its ironclad rules, about who gets what, who’s getting something they don’t deserve, about punishments and who the real malefactors are.

Why are people divided up into factions pointing fingers at each other?

I’ll fight for social justice as much as the next leftist, but it’s striking, don’t you think, that the human race is just as divided and conflicted as any run-of-the-mill psychotic wandering the streets and haranguing the passersby? It’s a little alarming, when you step back and look at it.

What’s most alarming to me is how much humans are captured by figments of their fevered brains and so little persuaded by tenderness. Where is the sense that we are all part of a grand and beautiful harmony, a mysterious creation of unfathomable riches? Why can we not care for each other, regardless of physical appearance or difference in culture?

Why can we not recognize the Creator in every living form? Why do we fight to the death over what name is the correct one for this Being? Are humans too stupid to carry life forward on this planet?

I don’t think that question has been answered yet.

If the great masses of humans had love in their hearts, does anyone doubt that they could invent a system of governance and enterprise to embody it? We are endlessly creative, us humans, it’s just that without love we’re full of destructive mischief. We use everything, use it up, throw it away when we’re done. The earth can only stand so much of that behaviour.

I think it devolves upon each of us to find the answer to these questions inside ourselves by becoming clear of the weight of our conditioning. I believe we need to clear a space in our minds where the reality of who and what we are — and what our situation is — becomes obvious. Action not based on concepts and shibboleths but on empathy has the best chance of healing a fractured world, it seems to me. Data can be used for good or ill depending on the user, but the intention to heal is very different from an intention to exclude and punish.

Vision is required now. The cluttered, busy and conditioned mind is the obstacle.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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