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Painting by Peter Reginato

Only a fool is interested in other people’s guilt, since he cannot alter it. The wise man learns only from his own guilt. He will ask himself: Who am I that all this should happen to me? To find the answer to this fateful question he will look into his own heart. ~Carl Jung


I’ve mentioned a number of times that we are at the beginning of a spiritual initiation of the world. Holding this intuition in polarity with how we collectively think of the coronavirus, and what we are told about the virus, forms a field of resonance, a radical polarity between educated and uneducated response to the virus and the action viruses themselves, which we hardly know anything about….

To even consider the virus as somehow also a spirit-resonance will probably be met with great skepticism. Particularly if the extent of knowledge about the virus comes only from standard medicine, which is captured by monetary forces — not the caretakers, but the system itself. And the treatment of the virus is captured even more by the forces of power, greed, control, and money, known as “big pharma”.

The difference between, say the lowest and the highest realms is a matter of inner place-awareness, the space within, that functions resonantly, all together, rather than singly. ..

When focusing on levels separately, the only way of speaking is in terms of content rather than through feeling resonance. This so-called content is only the carrier of waves and spiritual presences, such as angels, who ride the waves. We experience this fullness of reality when we are able to feel more of a wave-nature, which the mind cannot do, but heartfulness can. This fuller presence allows living to transform into LIFE. — Robert Sardello

We’re not used to looking within ourselves. We are focused on the external world, imagining that it’s a giant machine we must learn to manipulate correctly. Energy fields are invisible. The intelligence of inner levels of consciousness live completely outside our awareness. Our extroverted culture is blind and a bit stupid when it comes to the inner world and its connection to creation and the web of life.

We’re living through a time that challenges that mindset. Of course we will approach this situation with the tools we have, which are geared to getting control and making the external problem go away. The basic situation remains though, because the inner relationships haven’t changed. We’re still blind to the real forces creating this emergency.

We have few methods for looking within. We have art, we have heard of meditation and contemplation, we have psychotherapy. None of those things has brought us the insight we need to face our tendency to destroy ourselves.

The emergency itself has a lot to teach us. It may be impossible to escape looking in the mirror when we notice the results of our beliefs and methods of living. If there is a quick and easy way for humanity to wake up I don’t know what it is.

Pain and suffering may engender enlightenment in some of us, but most of us are stuck in self medicating with avoidance and comforting belief systems. It looks like we’ll have to be dragged kicking and screaming to a path of vision. Few people in history have managed to evolve spiritually. The present world circumstance seems to require an aggregate mass of humans who possess real vision, real insight. A few goodhearted souls is not enough. We need a worldwide culture of visionaries.

I’m not under the impression that it will come easily, but I don’t see how we can survive living as a spiritually ignorant species. Time is running short to turn this Titanic.

It’s all hands on deck, but if we were born into this time maybe we were made for it.


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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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