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Some of us do.

I have lived in a life of beauty. I know how the mind normalizes everything, how beauty becomes everyday reality. A little adjustment of perspective, however, can sharpen your awareness of the miracle you find yourself in the midst of.

I believe we all live in astounding beauty, yet we don’t see it. We are not astounded. We are not even impressed. We are critical. We think it could be better.

I laugh.

It’s amazing the degree of unconsciousness we humans inhabit. We are mere children in the Universe of creation. We have created a reality out of that,which is a very limited universe.

Never imagining we are in a paradigm we could easily get out of is beyond us.

We are little, but we could be big if we wanted, but we don’t want to be big. We want to be safe. We like being little. We have so many friends here. It’s comfortable.

The only challenge that could force us to expand our horizons is the problem of survival. Will we live? Will our children and grandchildren survive? That question might get our attention.

Once we seriously ask ourselves this question we might consider the issues and processes that apply.

I would like to suggest a way to think about this:

Inside yourself, there is a consciousness, there is a sense of connection to everything. If you can see that, listen to that voice, you will be guided down the right path.

Connect to yourself, is my advice. We all have an inner wisdom. We all are created out of the divine. (I don’t mean that in a churchy sense).

Let that manifest.

Yes, you will have to let go of the received wisdom that was visited upon you in your early years. But let that go. Develop a flexibility of mind. Keep a questioning frame of mind.

It will serve you in the long run.

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