Life-Mission And The Soul

David Price
3 min readFeb 8, 2022
Pete Revonkorpi

“The problem is not with the empirical data of science but with the contention that these data alone constitute the legitimate ground for developing a comprehensive worldview or an adequate means for responding to the world’s problems. There is more to human existence and to reality itself than current science can ever give us access to. By the same token, spirituality must be tempered by the insights and discoveries of science. If as spiritual practitioners we ignore the discoveries of science, our practice is also impoverished, as this mind-set can lead to fundamentalism.”

We shouldn’t follow the pattern of the 20th century. We should be more realistic, more holistic, and take a broader view. We must take into account the inner world of the mind and think about how to ensure both physical and mental well-being. We need to remind ourselves of the oneness of all seven billion human beings. Basic human nature is compassionate. If we can cultivate that in an intelligent way, we’ll be able to create a happier, more peaceful world.

— ‘The Universe In A Single Atom’ by the Dalai Lama


Quantum physics is where they hide the scientific proof of spirituality.

— Marek Peter Kaziniec


“The compensation of growing old is that the passions remain as strong as ever, but one has gained — at last — the power which adds the supreme flavor to existence — the power of taking hold of experience of turning it around slowly, in the light.”

— Virginia Woolf’s ‘ ‘Mrs. Dalloway


Each life involves an essential errand; not simply the task of survival, but a life-mission embedded in the soul from the beginning.

— Michael Meade

Underneath and beyond the task of survival is a soul-mission we often neglect. Our particular culture has forgotten it exists, though it is felt as an inexplicable sadness toward the end of our visit to this plane if we haven’t addressed it. We don’t know how to confront the secret emptiness of our culture. No one mentions it when we’re young, usually. All our strength, courage and creativity is focused on survival, which our culture makes unnecessarily difficult.

David Price

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