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It’s the only way forward.

Unkindness is big news, but kindness is not. Why is that? We are convinced that cupidity and self interest rule the world, but I have to ask — is that true?

I think we work every day to protect ourselves from harm and we assume everyone else is doing the same, but most of us were brought into the world by people who did their best to care for us.

We received injuries to our self respect along the way, of course. Everyone does, and we have to somehow grow beyond that.

We even injure ourselves by ignoring our true nature instead of affirming it, but some of us change course and find our path.

I had a relatively easy life as an artist in France, but when everything was suddenly stripped away, I found a core energy that was buried under privilege, connected to a talent that I had neglected.

Not using an ability keeps it dormant and undeveloped, so I’m starting from a beginner’s level, but I recognize energy flow when I see it. It’s obvious. It organizes your life.

I’m getting used to the writer’s life and how it affects my mind and body. I’m learning how to deal with the sedentary aspect, how to structure my days and nights.

I laugh when I consider what it took to bring me to writing. Basically it took removing all my privilege and possessions, to the point where it was the only option I had.

It’s hilarious, because writing was my original plan for my life. Who’s driving this truck anyway, me or the gods? The gods, evidently.

But kindness; I do believe it is my mission to investigate how and why we live, and connection and kindness look like the roots of existence to me.

It’s not survival of the fittest.

I think we are on the cusp of a global emergency that only kindness can resolve. It is the treasure worth having, the pot of gold in front of our eyes that we can’t see.

We are required to look inward now, to discover our own closed hearts, in order to know why we must open ourselves to kindness.

I believe that seeing how we make our world small will free us to be larger.

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