In The Absence of The Sacred

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Painting by Marney Ward

“In the last few years a new theme and vision has possessed my heart and soul. Inspired by the great evolutionary mystics, Bede Griffiths, Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Satprem. I have come to understand viscerally that what the human race is undergoing is far more even that a radical and painful transformation; it is nothing less than a species mutation, nothing less than an agonizing and terrifying transition from one kind of species into another that will bear as much resemblance to our current chaotic and desolate state as Mozart does to a chimpanzee.

Humanity, as Aurobindo famously said is an unfinished venture and the adventure the virus has plunged us into will either destroy us or transfigure us in ways that none of us can truly imagine. This has led me to plunge into the mystical tradition’s understanding of what I call the Engoldenment Process.

At the heart of all of the mystical systems I have discovered is the greatest secret of all; that humanity is destined to become an Embodied Divine Humanity and that as my greatest teacher Bede Griffiths said, “The second coming will not be the return of an individual avatar, but the rising of the golden yeast of Embodied Christ Consciousness in millions of beings to birth the Kingdom/Queendom on the Earth.”

I am under no illusions whatever how hard and brutal and frightening this species transition already is and will continue to be. I am under no illusions either about how nothing is certain about this birth because it depends on millions of us understanding it, aligning with its fierce laws and rising in adult dignity and commitment to collaborate consciously with the evolutionary will of the Divine.” — Andrew Harvey

Life is always moving. It’s evolving inexorably toward a higher state or else it’s regressing to a lower one. Our planet is a crucible. Right now we are feeling the heat of opposites clashing. Lower and higher states of consciousness are swirling in a spiritual tornado that is burning the world and confronting us with ourselves. This drama is a mirror of the state of the human psyche. Unless sufficient numbers of the human race deepens its love for creation, we won’t survive.

How many of us take this challenge seriously, or even see it? Visionaries are pointing to a holocaust on the horizon, but we’re too preoccupied with our toys and distractions to pay attention. The mode of living we have known up to now is gone, but we refuse to believe it.

We hear that climate change is a hoax, that the coronavirus is big nothing. That we just need to carry on as before. That some evil group must be setting those fires. Wearing a mask is stupid and we don’t need to do it.

Getting people to recognize the actual state of affairs is not only difficult, it may be impossible. This is the reality that puts the outcome in doubt. If we saw intelligence everywhere we look, we’d be pretty sure humans could save themselves, that the future would be assured.

Unfortunately that’s not the case. Resistance to truth, holding fast to childish fantasies and a strange immunity to insight seems to hold sway over millions of benighted souls. They are well armed against a vision that sees and reports the obvious, that we’re in trouble and time’s running out.

What will it take to change our minds? How can we learn to see without coloring everything with our prejudices? Andrew Harvey is probably right, we need a mutation of the human race to a higher form of life, one capable of vision. One capable of caring, of loving the world instead of just using it.

When humans commonly become able to see and love the world in all its details, only then will the world be safe.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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