Imagination And Fate

Painting by Salvador Dali

Although one can find nearly all these values in males work, especially poetry, one will be searching high and low for a male who completely dedicated his life to it and openly used the word Feminine. There are exceptions such as Joseph Campbell who at the end of his life discovered the work of Marija Gimbutas and said words to the effect, ‘I wish I knew this before,’ and then published one of his best books, Goddesses, Mysteries of the Feminine Divine.

On the other hand, I can straight away think of women who dedicated their lives to and openly used the term Feminine, the already mentioned Marija Gimbutas, and her work on the Old Europe culture of the Neolithic centred in the Feminine where women held the highest status in the communities and men were not oppressed; the work of Elinor Gadon; Anne Baring; Miriam Simos and all the women of the Wicca; Marie Louise von Franz; the countless and nameless women of the middle ages burned at the stake for openly practising the Earth religions of the Feminine, and indeed Marion Woodman. Many others besides who were, and right now are working towards the upkeep of sorely needed balance in our one-eyed patriarchal institutions, the Divine Feminine and Her message, ‘Contrary to what you have been recently told by the masculine religions, all this Nature is not merely lifeless dust that can be used and abused as you like, but my Divine creation, treat it as such’.

Regardless of what the above quote says, women always were, are, and will be not only a living embodiment but the custodians of the mystery and magic of the Goddess, the Feminine Divine.

Marek Peter Kaziniec

Growing up in Texas, I was always surrounded by a model of masculinity that didn’t fit how I felt inside. As an adolescent, I began to sense the gulf widening the more bookish and non sporty I became. My excuse was I’d had polio, or so the doctors said. I always had a little doubt about that because nothing was paralyzed. Something was definitely different in my interests, though. I was naturally attracted to the arts and to philosophy and ideas. I didn’t meet other kids like that until college.

I always had an interest in language, especially foreign languages. Latin languages held a mystique for me. Maybe I wanted to polish some of my rough Texas edges off, I don’t know, but once I learned French I realized it can be just as crude and ugly as you please. So can any language, depending on who’s speaking.

But in any case, I began to conceive an interest in the Latin cultures. They seemed to have a different relationship with beauty. Their languages sounded musical to my ear and I imagined them knowing and speaking of sublime things frequently. I was very young and maybe a little stupid. When I learned enough French and Italian, I overheard a lot of talk of quotidian practical concerns. Money and it’s worries occupied an outsized role there too.

Still, there’s a tiny kernel of truth in my idea. Those cultures are not patriarchal in the same way my native Anglo culture is. English is a linguistic powerhouse because it incorporates so many other languages in it, and yet it has blind spots, things it can’t say and therefore can’t think.

For me, it was important to exit my cultural confines to be able to get another vision of the world. I needed to see my relation to the world through another, more accurate lens, or at least one that fit me better. I needed to experience growing into a way of living that was truer to me. I was a plant that needed a change of soil. The Latin world has fed and watered my soul in just the right way by encouraging my projections, and continues to do so. My projections led me straight to my best life.

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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