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But we are confused by appearances.

Our differences are more superficial than we think. We’re not aware of all the environmental, historical and cultural influences that have made us who we are. We assume our tribe is formed on the basic human prototype and everything else is an aberration. We don’t know how we got to be what we are. The eons of conditioning plus isolation has given us a narrow view.

This reality is no longer just an unfortunate ignorance and has become an existential threat to the survival of our planetary home. “Us versus them” is obsolete now. We need a new consciousness, a broader, deeper vision of the web of life and our place in it.

A sense of kinship with all lifeforms is rare in our time and place. However, there are individuals in our midst attempting to live and teach that understanding even now. Of course we hear of native people who are taught to pay close attention to the movements and moods of nature in its many forms. Those people have a greater reverence for the feminine, generative nature of life. Our culture favors the masculine to the detriment of feminine, unfortunately, and that has run our culture into a destructive rampage of hubris and war against Mother Earth.

We are the spoiled children of the planet we live on, engaging in killing for fun and profit.

Those of us who see this drama being played out cannot sit by and let it happen. We are implicated. We are obliged to speak up, speak out, create a different reality.

Creating polemics is one thing, but I’d like to praise those who create beauty, who create a sense of deeper meaning in life, something beyond getting and spending.

The need for beauty is basic, the need for relationship and meaning is fundamental to the human race.

That’s my project.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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