Humanity Comes in All Flavors

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

Dalai Lama XIV

There is beauty everywhere. Connections flow between peoples, tribes, cultures and even species. The things that separate us — color, culture, language — are superficial variations on a theme. Interesting variations, to be sure, but not basic to our nature.

These variations only prove the versatility of Creation. We ourselves, our tribe, are not the only option it has. We, in our particular variation, should not imagine that we are the prototype humans. We are only one variation on a theme. Some life forms may even be failed experiments.

I don’t think humans, as beautiful as we are, have proven to be a success yet.

The connections that bind us together have to be denied for them to become invisible. They are only temporarily out of sight, even then, however. Every existing thing has its soul, it has its character and the song it sings.

This variety is astounding, prodigious, but we can see that only if we are paying close attention.

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Let us look upon all life as a fabulous array of worthy beings who merit our respect, who have a spirit we can learn from, befriend even. This array of living beings is a community that mutates and reforms itself again and again.

The conceit humans have that they reign over all of creation and can decide its fate is simple hubris. It’s arrogance, and it shows blindness to the nature of the creation we belong to.

The current conflicts between different cultures in various parts of the world show how we have forgotten our commonalities. The current rape of nature could not exist within a consciousness of our true relationship with all life. We are cut off from our source of wisdom and life. That could prove catastrophic.

It only takes looking to notice the beauty of other ways of being. The fear of “the other” is testament to our parochial view point. We are “the other” to everyone outside our own culture.

In America right now, we see a rising panic about other people who may have different languages and skin color. There seems to be a panic of being overwhelmed, obliterated by dangerous extraneous tribes. This is an ancient idea.

So, fear becomes the controlling factor, a fear that to me, looks unjustified. I believe we are overreacting. Perhaps these people are to be welcomed, not attacked.

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There are many ways to learn in life. Cultural differences have a lot to teach us. If we want to live fully and celebrate life on Earth, let us look with kindness towards all other beings, including our fellow humans.

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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