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Painting by Tawney Chatmon

Humanity has been spiraling upwards for millennia — from warlords’ brute force to divine-right of kings supported by a corrupt Catholic Church putting the Bible in Latin to hide the truth to the U.S faux-democracy of slave-owning landowner to the end of physical slavery even as other forms of economic and political slavery remained to voting rights for women and blacks to end of Jim Crow laws during the Civil Rights Era to the challenging (unsuccessfully) of America’s many recent immoral wars during and after Vietnam to gay rights to the MeToo movement to Black Lives Matter. It has been a long, slow, painful upward spiral as the ruling class — both hidden and known — begrudgingly gave up their misbegotten gains.

As a one-room schoolhouse where evolving souls come to remember love through as many lifetimes as they chose, it is inevitable that all will eventually awaken given two elements encoded into our DNA: pain and intelligence. — Robert Roskind

I like to imagine I’m living in a time of transformation. I like to think the eye of the human heart is going to open in my lifetime, but it better hurry because I’m not getting any younger.

Can you look at the image I posted without feeling awe for the beauty of the image the artist created as well as for the subject of the painting? This is powerful beauty created by many forces, from the artist who conceived and painted this to the God who creates Universe, we are arrested by the beauty of it. There is also a feeling of tenderness and compassion that rises like a perfume from this painting.

An image like this gives me hope for the nobility of the human being. You can’t create beauty except by way of love. Humans are capable of aiding and abetting a thriving world full of beauty and love, I believe, in spite of the obvious fact that most of us are currently dedicated to just the opposite project.

I insist on believing that contrary to all appearances we’ll finish by living in an earthly paradise.

It’s pretty evident though, that we’ll go through some hard times before this comes to pass. I wish I could predict a short period where we all learn our lessons and get on the true way, but I am just realistic enough to know that humans learn at a snail’s pace. We have created an alarming species die-off and now it looks as if we’ll be joining the disappearing throngs. How else could it happen?

Call it karma, ecological justice, blowback or any other name you like, it’s happening as we speak. It will punish our refusal to see it and deal with its fundamental causes. Our way of life is born out of our way of thinking. Our hearts are too small to live in the actual creation we are born into. Our thinking is too blinkered to understand the miracle of life or have any reverence for it.

A growth period is in order for us all. There will be growing pains. I follow those with faith that there will be a good outcome ultimately, but I still have anxiety about what we’re facing in the immediate.

Look for the healers, the kind ones, the wise ones — that’s what I tell myself. We all need light when we’re going through the dark.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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