Hope, Coffee and Poetry

David Price
4 min readMar 2, 2024
Raquib Shaw

Many will become sick,

others will lose their strength,

yet others will no longer be able

to dream and have visions.

Man will start waging war

against his fellow man for no reason,

he will prove incapable of telling the truth

and treating his brother with honesty.

Furthermore, he will no longer be able to survive

on his land, his life will be filled with resentment and sadness. Gradually, in the end, man will poison himself and everything he touches.

All of this has been foretold.

— Dakota Yanktonwan Canupa


Humans really could have had a beautiful little existence on earth just creating art and eating fruit. Instead we have credit scores and taxes.

— From Don’t Waste The Crumbs


Awakened individuals love doing nothing. They relish solitude, quietness, and inactivity. In my book Back to Sanity I suggest that this is one of the most obvious differences between living in a state of “humania” — that is, our normal state of human madness — and in a state of inner harmony. In humania, which is equivalent to a state of sleep, people find it difficult to do nothing or be alone with themselves because this means facing the discord of their own being and the turbulence of their thoughts.

— Excerpt From The Leap, An Eckhart Tolle Edition


You deserve a lover who takes away the lies and brings you hope, coffee, and poetry

— Frida Kahlo


We know that things are not looking especially good right now and that we haven’t found a way back to sanity as a species. We could definitely use more hope and poetry, and, why not, coffee too. I don’t tend to subscribe to predictions of our future, good or bad, although logically speaking, our future looks pretty fraught right now.

We know something has to change and everyone has their own idea of what that is. To me it looks like simple increased consciousness would relieve some of the pressures, but…



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