Givers And Takers

David Price
3 min readOct 27, 2020
Painting by Turner

The “takers” are now our leaders (“mis-leaders”).

In Native American tribes, it was the “givers.” When a new chief was to be chosen, the tribe, often led by the clan mothers, would look to someone who had always put the tribe’s and others interests ahead of their own. These people were “givers,” and they could never command the people what to do, only persuade.

Now, we can only choose from the “takers” of our tribe, who put their own interests in front of everyone’s. They have few, if any, humanitarian instincts. The system is set up so that only those who will compromise their integrity, if they ever had any, can be funded to secure positions of power.

These people are self-centered and ego-directed and exist in a reality in the public and corporate world almost totally inhabited by other “takers,” so to them it seems normal. Everyone they surround themselves with is compromised but “successful.”

Their time is ending but they will hold on to their bitter end. The curtain has been pulled back to reveal their darkness and this truth needed to be revealed. The fear-based world they thrive in is weakening while a love-based world is emerging — a world even they are welcome in. — Robert Roskind

I probably inherited my social consciousness from my father, although I hope I am easier to live with than he was. I agree with Robert Roskind that the people in places of power and control seem extraordinarily self-serving. I wish I had as much confidence that we’re about to see a sea change, but I am encouraged by the crush of people standing in line for hours to vote. Who are these people? Are they Trump cultists or are they the so-called common man just now realizing that their democracy is being stolen in plain sight.

We won’t know until the last round of this prizefight. We are in the latter stages of an attempted coup by the old guard of thieves in suits. If they win this struggle we’re in for some dark days. I think a lot of people are waking up to their situation. The question is, will we have a future? What will happen to education, business, the Earth itself, to our children, if Trump manages to win by hook or crook?

As we draw close to the final conclusion, we are dismayed to realize how many people would happily follow these criminals right…



David Price

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