Gaia And The Light Within The Earth

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Painting by Lisa Ericson

“The light within the earth, what the alchemists called the lumen naturae, is a primal source of energy and power that has yet to be fully accessed by humanity. It belongs to our natural relationship to life, to creation and its sacred nature. This energy source can once again become accessible as humanity remembers its place in the whole and relates to all life with an understanding of oneness — of unity and multi-dimensional interdependence. We cannot work with earth’s light, nor will we know the real names of creation, through a consciousness of separation or duality. We need to claim the consciousness of oneness that is waiting for us.

The “sacred” is not something primarily religious or even spiritual. It is not a quality we need to learn or to develop. We all have within us a sense of the sacred, a sense of reverence, however we may articulate it. It is as natural as sunlight, as necessary as breathing.”

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, The Magic of Creation: The Sufi’s Way

I remember reading “The Gaia Hypothesis” written by British chemist James Lovelock in the early 1970s, who believed that we live on a planet in which “parts and partners of a vast being who in her entirety has the power to maintain our planet as a fit and comfortable habitat for life.”

This is not a new idea, but it contradicts the dualistic belief system of our Western culture. Recently though, quantum physics has shown how well founded the idea is, that it’s not some romantic fantasy or unscientific, wooly minded figment of the primitive mind.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to inhabit the body of a divine goddess rather than some machine that was assembled and wound up by a Deus Absconditus who soon got bored and left the scene.

As this idea becomes more current, it begins to dawn on us that we have a part to play, that we have a responsibility to the natural world we live in. We can’t just use it and toss it “away” when we’re finished. As someone once pointed out, there is no away. It doesn’t exist.

We can’t desecrate our planet with impunity. We can’t destroy it with our ingenious poisons and tools of destruction without committing suicide. Things have progressed to the point where even we are beginning to notice something’s not quite right.

If we had any sense of reverence we wouldn’t even think in terms of utilization. We would be thinking in terms of partnership and service.

We have some growing up to do to catch up to the “primitive’’ level of awareness of the world we are part of.

The sooner this realization catches on in the so-called civilized world the better. The Earth, Gaia, can’t take much more punishment.

Who better to show us this reality than the artists? I expect the consciousness of the integral connectedness of everything to be obvious to artists, because it’s their business to pay attention. I think our culture is so focussed on power and success in a corrupt system that it’s impossible to see what’s happening to Mother Earth.

We’re stupified by our culture and its methods to “get ahead.’ Ahead of what, you wonder. We are given riches that we don’t see.

We live in interesting times. There will either be a sea change in consciousness or we will be a failed experiment and the Earth will have to start over from scratch.

Those with sensitivity, reverence for life and wisdom of the heart will have a role to play, I’m convinced.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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