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“Consciousness is perpetually flowing from its infinity to a point within itself to know itself, and instantaneously expanding in tidal waves of bliss in the recognition of its own boundless infinity at that point. This is what is creating the vibrant, alive wakefulness within the unbound silence of pure Awareness. It is creating the incentive for universal intelligence to flow in the appearance of creation. It is creating the pure Alertness that enables all your thoughts, sensations and perceptions of the world around you to be experienced right now.

It is this internal dynamic within Consciousness that is causing the alive Presence in the space around you. Presence is the product of the Aliveness of the unbound fullness of your total Being. It is the flow of your own SELF awake within itself.”

Lucia and Lawrence [lorn] Hoff, The Incredible Reality of YOU: A Spiritual Guide to the Awakening of Consciousness

“It’s just flow. If you look at nature and say, there’s no event in nature, really, then it’s just flowing. It’s the mind that abstracts and puts an event in there.”

“The difference between ordinary experience and mystical experience is not fundamental, but one of degree.”

— David Bohm

“When the flow of cosmic Intelligence begins to be experienced on the physical level, the body naturally assumes positions or breathing patterns to accommodate that flow. In its effort to adjust and normalize, the body may go through all kind of spontaneous movements. This is the natural process of the body refining to mirror the flow of nature’s intelligence and returning to a more perfect style of functioning.

The body is the expressed appearance of the natural flow of divine intelligence.”

Lucia and Lawrence [lorn] Hoff, The Incredible Reality of YOU: A Spiritual Guide to the Awakening of Consciousness

We live so unconsciously in mental constructs that we don’t notice we are elements in the river of life. We have the ability to stop the life-flow in our imaginations, but of course the actual flowing never stops. We don’t perceive the flow if we understand things only through intellect. Humans have the ability to connect directly with the underlying flux of energies only if they are quiet mentally.

Establishing a peaceful quiet in the mind opens us to the intelligence of the universal mind, which is deeper and broader than we can imagine from our culturally conditioned stance. Historically, only a small number of humans accessed a meditative state sufficient to penetrate to what could be called “deep mind”.

Infinite numbers of hermits and religious sects sequestered themselves in an attempt to pursue the work of finding the truth of creation, often getting lost or attacked in the process. Belief systems warred with perceptions. Language only confused the issue. You could lose your life over how many angels could dance on the head of a pin.

You may laugh, but here we are in the 21st century, fighting the same battle between fixed ideas and deep perception. The only difference is how many humans are making the transition to direct perception of the ever-flowing energies of Creation. If we are approaching a tipping point, we have a chance to preserve the paradise we were born into.

That’s why I think we’re lucky we have stumbled into a global emergency. It not only puts our so-called normal life on hiatus, it raises questions we haven’t been willing to take seriously until now. The basic question has always been how to be a successful human beings on Planet Earth. We’re still wrestling with that question, a question that will not be solved by adopting the right beliefs. It will only arise in our consciousness when belief gives way to a direct perception that involves understanding of the Heart.

Fighting over words and concepts has to give way to communion with what could be called Universal Mind. Only when we get quiet will that intelligence be heard.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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