Finding Truth

David Price
3 min readMay 9, 2021
Carlos Berberian

“Everyone you meet, no matter what adversity they have been through, has managed to create a pearl from the sand and muck surrounding them. It is your job to find each person’s pearl. For some people, this will be easy, because the pearl is on the surface and easy to find. For others, finding the pearl will be difficult, because it is buried deep. Always look for the pearl, which is each person’s light of life.”

— Noah Purifoy


I know a young mother who has a little boy of four years old, and every time the boy is agitated, not calm, not happy, she will take his hand and ask him to sit down and practice breathing in and out with her. She told her child to think of the abdomen, the belly, and breathing in seeing the belly expanding, rising, and breathing out seeing the belly falling. They practice breathing together like that three or four or five times, and they always feel better. If the mother left her baby alone to breathe, it would be a little bit difficult for him because he is so young, he cannot do it alone. That is why the mother sits next to him, and holds his hand, and promises to practice breathing in and out together.

- Thich Nhat Hanh, in ”All in One, One in All

We have a hard time seeing clearly in life because our minds are so full of “already knowing.” We don’t know how to clear a calm empty space…



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