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Painting by Denis Sarazhin

“All around us the Earth breathes in so many diverse ways, from fish deep in the ocean to the towering trees in a rainforest. But human beings have the unique capacity to breathe light and love directly into the world, a light that is crucial if our world is going to regenerate and transform. The angels of light keep open the doorways between the worlds, but it is the work of humanity to live this light, and so keep this energy flowing into the web of life, where it can heal and transform in hidden ways. Sadly our spiritual focus on individual transformation has forgotten, or censored, this dimension of spiritual practice. We are not taught how our spiritual body is part of the spiritual body of the Earth or how they work together, how our soul and the world soul are connected. We have been separated from our home both physically and spiritually.

This is part of the story of separation, how matter and spirit became separate, and finally how life on Earth became exile, our spiritual home reached only after death. And it is true that there is this dimension of pure light and love to which we return after death, but it is also present here, hidden in the world around us, and in our own soul in each and every breath. Banishing the Divine to heaven was a denial of our deepest earth wisdom…

— Llewelyn Vaughan-Lee

We are perplexed by love. We stumble over it in a million ways. Even person to person love is a mystery to most of us. When possession and self regard come into the picture, love starts looking for the exits.

Our first school of love is family. That’s where we first experience disappointment in love. Failure to love is common, but for most of us it’s mixed with real kindness and concern in a confusing way. Love makes everything grow. Children require it like air and water. Everything requires it, in fact, including plants and animals. In its absence we become stunted, twisted into unnatural shapes.

It’s interesting how passion can include or exclude love. We have yet to discover the simple fact that the miraculous and mysterious world we inhabit is built out of love. It’s the basic building block of existence. Strangely enough, we keep finding ways not to see that.

We have constructed a human culture based on acquisition. Love is something to acquire, in spite of the fact that letting go is more apt to invite and nourish it.

Love and beauty have given way to transaction as a way of life. The celebration of personal love on Valentine’s Day reminds us once a year that love does indeed make the world go ‘round but the world we live in has contradictory values.

We are all of us circling the conundrum of love and what it means to our lives. Not many people know how to live in our societies with love as a ruling principle. Only saints and religious avatars seem to understand how to do that. The rest of us are caught in kindergarten when it comes to love because it requires clearing out so much fear of not surviving.

The earth, the world we live in, is in pain from our inability to see it with eyes of love. The world has been waiting for too long until we learn to care for it with love. Nothing survives without love, including this planet.

Our vaunted civilization, with all its technology and power, hasn’t yet discovered the power love has to render life meaningful and beautiful. Once we find the source of love in ourselves we and the world will be safe. Until then we won’t be.

Painting by Catrin Welz Stein

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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