Marta Orlowska

As I have pointed out here many times, the Judaic story of creation in the Old Testament is a deliberately invented lie by a bunch of priests who were hell-bent on suppressing the older and much longer-lasting tradition of the Goddess, Her Unity of all Life, and Her living embodiment, women.

Why? For power. The Feminine is all about a direct mystic experience of the Divine present in you and all around on our Eden Earth. The masculine to hold on to authority, to be able to tell you what to think, what God thinks you should think, the male priests must be the only mediators between the Deity and the people. This inversion of the Original Myth can be clearly seen to this day in Judaism, in Christianity, especially Catholic which has persecuted women most cruelly, and Islam.

But, with the current return of the Divine Feminine many people on our Blue miracle of life in space are now directly connected to the Soul, the Interconnecting Web of Life within which we all are, especially women who haven’t lost touch with their feminine instinct, and the few sensitive men, who, although marginalized for not fitting into the patriarchal mold of a cruel competitive brut, through their poetry, their mystic art, are an Oracle of the timeless wisdom of the Feminine in their community.

— Jan Darwin Hutchins

We need a new cultural vision. The one we’re unconsciously living inside of has reached its expiration date. In the meantime we’re in a clash of competing visions, the old paternalistic one and an emerging feminine one that is backed up by quantum physics, of all things. Everything will change as the new way of imagining the world takes hold. From art to governance to education to religion to farming to love relations, nothing will be untouched.

The perception that everything is related, that everything is related to everything else, that love and caring are indispensable for living on earth — is the new vision the world can no longer live without. Seeing living beings with the eyes of utility is a kind of cruel blindness. Taking the physical appearance of the world at face value creates an assumption of separation which brings a host of conflicts and confusion.

We suffer unnecessarily because of the masculine vision that has shaped the world we live in. Trying to create a meaningful life within that masculine worldview means devising a way around and away from the soul killing cruelty of what’s considered a normal life.

We’re living in interesting times. We’re right in the middle of a massive cultural revolution, which is mutating the human race. If this transition is successful, humans will come out the other side with a sense of relatedness to everything in the cosmos. It’s time to give up our fantasy of isolation. We are not the orphans we thought we were. We are all members in the vast community of beings and we have responsibilities as such.

Looking through this prism shifts how we see the world we live in. Everything from the current struggle for social justice to how we eat is called into question. The old system is panicking right now. It’s hardening into fascism, doubling down on suppression of the voices of equality. I don’t think it’s possible to turn back the new vision, though. It’s a choice between survival of the planet or survival of the fittest. We can’t have both.

I don’t expect to see this issue resolved in my lifetime. It has been developing for thousands of years. I do, however, think we are all implicated and that we need to be aware of the drama we’re involved in so we can play a part in creating a kinder, more functional world. The old system is not going to go quietly.

David Flores

I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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