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From Duy Huynh Studio

“Dear spiritual bypassers: We don’t need your faux forgiveness. We don’t need your perfected asanas. We don’t need your head-tripping meditations. We don’t need your detachment practices. We don’t need your fake names. We don’t need your victim bashing. We don’t need your love and light. We don’t need your (alleged) law of attraction. We don’t need your wishful thinking. We don’t need your superficial affirmations. We don’t need your perpetual positivity. We don’t need your pseudo-transcendence. We don’t need your flight from feeling. We don’t need your obsession with illusion. We don’t need your stillness and silence. We don’t need your patriarchal rituals and lineage. We don’t need your enbullshitment enlightenment.

What we need is for you to come down from your world-avoidant perch and take all that energy you have been selfishly hoarding and give it back to humanity. What we need is for you to exit your cave of cowardice, put your tender tootsies on the ground, and actually do something to heal our species. What we need is for you to help us shape a new lineage- one that is rooted in a truly inclusive and embodied consciousness. Not a non-duality that omits everything human from the field, but one that includes all that we are, and all of your fellow humans, in its unified fold. What we need is for you to understand that ALL OF THIS is real. And that any spirituality that is bereft of humanness, is a collective death knell. You want to wake up for real? Stop hiding behind your egoic badge of egolessness, come back into your body, and help us to heal this bloodied species.” — Jeff Brown

Each one of us safe and secure in our little hidey-hole is how we prefer to exist. Someone who calls us out like this will be met with resistance and incomprehension, or both. Jeff Brown is talking here to his fellow “seekers,” many of whom continue their hiding within their own version of spirituality. What they have in common with traditional religion is rock solid belief systems. They “know” the truth.

But non seekers also have their own way of hiding. Living without looking inward or by clinging to second hand beliefs is the most obvious way to keep you frozen on the surface of life. Christians without empathy abound in our world. It’s the norm.

We find ourselves in a maelstrom of karma at the moment. All that refusal to question is coming back to bite us, not only bite us but to remove our world’s supporting pillars. Our children are already asking what we think we’re doing.

So where is our courage to face ourselves and what we create? Most of us have our noses to the grindstone. We don’t have an extra minute to stop and ask what’s going on. Those of us who do, though, have our work cut out for us. If we’re going to offer anything of value to the world, we need to deepen ourselves.

We need to examine our thoughts and reactions. We need to get to know ourselves and quit projecting unexamined parts of ourselves onto others. We need to grow up. Only mature humans should be navigating the way forward. Our feet need to touch the ground.

The people who are in positions of control in our society are precisely the most exteriorized and superficial ones. From lawmakers to captains of industry, our society is shaped and directed by sociopaths.

The revolution we need is a revolution of consciousness, an enlightenment of the heart. We need a large cohort of better humans. The feckless know-it-alls in the driver’s seat don’t know how to read the maps of the soul. Without that, our road leads straight into the swamp.

We risk being overwhelmed by blindness and stupidity, but insight is still possible. Questioning without impatience to arrive at some final answer, looking at our own lack of kindness and addressing it, cultivating it, can help heal us of inhumanity.

But seeing ourselves as we are is the first step.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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