Existential Conundra

David Price
3 min readMar 7
Sarah Jarrett Collage

If the particles that we’re made of can be in instantaneous communication with one another, be in two places at once, and even change the past through choices made in the present, then we can as well.

— Greg Braden


It’s taken a while for the science to catch up with this Mystical thought but let me tell you when it did it went Boom in a big way. Turns out everything we suspected but really had no way to verify is now being verified. We have always said Nothing is impossible for God but we never connected that to ourselves because we thought us and God were completely separate.

Well think again — we are One and the same with God/Source and all that Is, and now Quantum Physics is showing us that nothing is impossible for us. It matters not that we appear to be way too solid to act like Quantum particles, The reason it matters not is due to the fact that all we are is a big combination of Quantum particles.

What really makes the difference is whether we believe we are one with God or not. Belief is the key to opening all doors… Einstein years ago said the Past, Present and Future exist Simultaneously and nobody has proven him wrong on that.

— Jerry Owen


I have to approach this kind of idea with the question of why we seem so incapable of escaping past-present-future. I admit that I would gladly change a few decisions I made that set me on my present course, that severely narrowed my options. That question raises a host of others, for example, why is it so hard to go directly to your best life, the one that allows you to express why you were born. It does seem that you learn by doing things you shouldn’t do. Maybe there are people who don’t need those lessons, but I would guess they are rare.

We all have our little blindnesses. Of course the conviction that we are all separate from God is a more fundamental blindness, a blindness that spawns a myriad others. As we draw closer to understanding the spiritual architecture of the Universe and our role in it, we’re shocked to discover our whole civilization is built on a house of cards.

God’s up there and we, pitiful little souls, are down here suffering. God is either indifferent to our travails or else…

David Price

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