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“The Earth has been wounded by our greed and exploitation, and by our forgetfulness of its sacred nature. It needs us to remember and reconnect, to once again recognize that we are not separate but a part of this living being. And love is the simplest key to this reconnection, because the nature of love is oneness. Love is the most ordinary, simplest, and most direct way to uncover what is real — the innermost secrets of life and its primal unity. It is at the root of all that exists, as well as in every bud breaking open at springtime, every fruit ripening in fall.

Love can open us to deep participation in the life of the whole; it can teach us once again how to listen to life, feel life’s heartbeat, sense its soul. It can align us with the sacred within all of creation, and reconnect us with our innate knowing that the Divine is present in everything — in every breath, every stone, every animate and inanimate thing. In the oneness of love, everything is included, and everything is sacred.” — Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

We don’t realize that we are part of the mind and body of Creation, or as some would say, God. We are the Earth in microcosm, in both materialiality and spirit. We are not disconnected; the same energies run through everything, right down to stones and rivers. Imagine the shock of natives who saw newcomers to this land digging in the veins of the sacred Earth for something they could sell. They were bewildered by the insanity of it.

While we debate whether animals can feel pain, the soul of the world writhes in agony.

Because we believe in separateness, we create it, or rather the illusion of it. We live in the fever of this chimera. We can’t shake it, regardless the pronouncements of quantum physicists who have proved the unity of everything.

Mystics and artists see another reality simply because they look, they pay attention. They benefit from a mental spaciousness that is able to look calmly with love. Of course if your mind is full of judgements and comparisons that kind of looking is impossible. Everything depends on a kind of vision with a heart.

The world is suffering now from a kind of thinking in which the heart is largely absent. That optic is killing the Earth. It’s now up to humans to grow up.

We need fully flowered humans now, humans who have vision and depth and who can speak from the Soul. No one is deprived of depth by birth. You have to fend it off to live the commonplace life. You have to close your heart, defend yourself from the suffering that comes with sensitivity to live that life.

Commitment to a life of depth brings an existence that is consciously connected to this suffering world and seeks to see it and heal it. A heart/mind that is awake is the first requirement for anyone on this path.

I chose to be an artist because I could not accept conventional religion, even as a youngster. As an artist I feel free to spend my life on beauty and meaning. I feel free to explore reality to the best of my abilities. I admire artists who are mystics and visionaries.

This is the state of mind that I feel closest to. There are no final answers there, just partially answered questions, just signposts pointing in a general direction. Answering those questions may help me live a fuller life, but the thing that has helped me the most is empathy for everyone and everything.

The world is in pain. If we are so preoccupied with our little life tasks that we can’t even notice that, I believe we have missed living in our time. We are the ones here and now in the midst of the great emergency. Our travail is mirrored in the travail of the Earth. Our ability to see and reflect is challenged to the hilt now.

Circumstances are asking us to transcend our limitations, to develop vision, to heal ourselves and therefore the World. We have our work cut out for us.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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