Divine Music

David Price
4 min readJul 23
Tomas Sanchez

To liquidate peoples begins by depriving them of memory. Destroy your books, your culture, your history. Someone writes other books, gives them another culture, makes up another story; then, people begin to slowly forget what they are and what they were.

— Milan Kundera


The past is rewritten so fast that you don’t know what will happen yesterday.

— Soviet Joke


Mother used to lay on the earth in her times of pregnancy. She said it was an old Lakota tradition, and other tribes, to keep the knowledge and energy moving from the earth to the children of the Lakota… I remember that she would go to very dark earth to taste the minerals. She didn’t tell anyone because that was taboo in the wasicu world who said it would make the child stillborn.

The consciousness of the earth is what the wasicu tries to keep you distracted from so that you will not use your energy but for their system that you are feeding.

We, as kids, were always running around without shoes, even to the ages when they made us wear wasicu shoes with heels and hard leather made with nails, plastic, wood, and cow leather.

Today western science is “proving” what is already known with the Native peoples.

— Tiokasin Ghosthorse


Everybody is born with the capacity to see miracles; you have to choose not to.

We have every opportunity to destroy ourselves.

— Cormac McCarthy


Because underneath that human dance; there is nonetheless divine music.

— Igor Vasilevitsky


We’re told that there is divine music but since we don’t hear it we don’t feel bereft of anything important or beautiful. We don’t wonder at our deafness; in fact, we choose not to see any miracles. We prefer to distract ourselves with games and passing pleasures. We dance to the tunes of our society, which are kept within the range of personal advantage. We don’t suspect that we are being herded away from the miracle on purpose, by people who need us to focus on what will fatten their bottom line.

David Price

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