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In 2000, I asked Renny, an Elder Jamaican Rasta featured in my book Rasta Heart, if “Babylon” — the 5000-year-old patriarchal system of war, exploitation and divisiveness — was falling.

“No, mon,” he quickly replied. “Babylon has more to teach de people. It must reveal itself to your people like it revealed itself to my foreparents when it enslaved dem and brought dem to this island. Once dat is done, it will fall and Zion will rise in it’s place. De true Rastas here are working towards dis.” (Zion is the Rasta concept of a love-based world and has nothing to do with Israel.) …

Babylon is falling. It’s darkness has been revealed much more than is feared by those upholding it which includes many politicians and corporate top execs worldwide. Remember “apocalypse” is from the Greek apokalupsis, meaning “uncover, reveal,” from apo- ‘un-’ + kaluptein ‘to cover.’

We’ve each been given one/seven billionth of the task. Let’s each do our part.

Robert Roskind



When Laurens van der Post one night
In the Kalihari Desert told the Bushmen
He couldn’t hear the stars
Singing, they didn’t believe him. They looked at him,
Half-smiling. They examined his face
To see whether he was joking
Or deceiving them.

Then two of those small men
Who plant nothing, who have almost
Nothing to hunt, who live
On almost nothing, and with no one
But themselves, led him away
From the crackling thorn-scrub fire
And stood with him under the night sky
And listened. One of them whispered,
Do you not hear them now?

And van der Post listened, not wanting
To disbelieve, but had to answer,
No. They walked him slowly
Like a sick man to the small dim
Circle of firelight and told him
They were terribly sorry,
And he felt even sorrier
For himself and blamed his ancestors
For their strange loss of hearing,
Which was his loss now…

What do we know, we proud people of the modern technological world? We who would turn ourselves into machines. What have we lost in sensibility, heart and imagination to be so power hungry? Are we really so advanced? Are we the best humanity can produce?

Everything is in question now, and it’s a good thing it is. We have devised a civilization that resembles a runaway cancer more than anything else. It’s time to seriously consider whether we are living in end times, whether our children will be able to survive on such a degraded planet.

Ideas and information is coming from all directions, trying to plot a way forward. We’re a technological culture, so of course there are a myriad technical ideas of how to save the climate and avoid the worst depredations of our way of life. We need those, of course, but we need visionaries of the spirit and soul even more.

Listening to and seeing the world with love and devotion, taking care to nurture and protect it goes beyond mere curiosity of “how it works.” It’s not a machine, the Universe. It’s the body of God, to speak poetically. It merits close and devoted attention. It requires both acute perception and love.

The common practice of using everything for its energy quotient, maximizing its market value, is a modus operandi that is deaf, blind and stupid. It’s time to grow beyond that myopic optic, en masse. A critical mass of humans have to turn that corner now.

Babylon is falling. It’s our job to make sure it doesn’t take the whole world with it.

Check out this Youtube video of Zach Bush. It’s extraordinary: Zach Bush interview:https://www.facebook.cnom/story.php?story_fbid=313466706724563&id=803246013185842

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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