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The Universe keeps creating and destroying over time spans we can’t imagine. Instinct and intelligence emerge in infinite variety over eons. The idea that animals don’t feel pain or that humans are the apex of creation shows how much we need evolution of consciousness to speed up.

If the current level of consciousness prevails among homosapiens, we’re all goners.

Perhaps humans can become intelligent, but the outcome isn’t assured. There seems to be a sector of the human race that does not care, that lacks what’s called “emotional intelligence.”

We who weep and gnash our teeth over the plight of the world are called “snowflakes.”

But some of us can’t be convinced that cruelty is smart or necessary. We see a different vision of the world, especially now that our species possesses the power to destroy the whole beautiful manifestation.

Humans don’t deserve that power, but they have wrested it from the gods. The gods must be extremely worried, because we demonstrate daily how stupid we are. We haven’t the faintest idea where we are, or even what we are.

Folks who have the fate of being sensitive to the beauty and deeper currents of meaning in the world decry the depredations of those forces in dominance right now. The problem is, we don’t really want or like power. We’re absorbed in our poetic sensibilities and we don’t want to fight anyone.

I’m here to say that if we don’t stand up and speak up, we are marked for extinction. We have a powerful tool in this battle. We have words, we have images, we bring beauty into the world. We are endowed with the greatest gift of all — sensitivity.

That’s our superpower, if we can bind it to vision. If we can fight to keep it.

Visionaries are needed now, in my opinion. Visionaries with sensitivity and the courage to speak out.

These are the people who have to face growing intimidation. They have to resist and persist, because if they gain an audience they will be attacked.

Strangely enough, these are the people I admire.

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