Consciousness Makes The World

David Price
3 min readJul 9, 2020
Image by Laura Boyd

Imagination is the womb out of which emerges all manifestation. Everything that occurs in the world, occurs first within our minds. In order to make our material realities more powerful, we need to more powerfully commit to our visions — political as well as personal.

Spend five minutes every day visualizing a world without war. A world without poverty. A world without hunger. All beings free. The earth repaired. Allow your mind to build on & embellish. Those minutes won’t be idle fantasy; they’ll be a creative use of the power of the mind.

— Marianne Williamson

“People around the world are awakening to being Awareness itself. As there is only one field of Consciousness, when one person awakens to being, that universal field of unbounded Awareness, it directly influences and uplifts the consciousness of everyone.

Nothing affects society more positively than Awakening to being Consciousness itself. It creates a thrill throughout the omnipresent field of Consciousness, heightening the entire world consciousness. And, as it is the fundamental source of everything, it enlivens the innermost core of the pure sense of Being in everyone. The whole field of universal life is uplifted all at once, in one stroke.”

— Lucia and Lawrence [lorn] Hoff, The Incredible Reality of YOU: A Spiritual Guide to



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