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Imagination is the womb out of which emerges all manifestation. Everything that occurs in the world, occurs first within our minds. In order to make our material realities more powerful, we need to more powerfully commit to our visions — political as well as personal.

Spend five minutes every day visualizing a world without war. A world without poverty. A world without hunger. All beings free. The earth repaired. Allow your mind to build on & embellish. Those minutes won’t be idle fantasy; they’ll be a creative use of the power of the mind.

— Marianne Williamson

“People around the world are awakening to being Awareness itself. As there is only one field of Consciousness, when one person awakens to being, that universal field of unbounded Awareness, it directly influences and uplifts the consciousness of everyone.

Nothing affects society more positively than Awakening to being Consciousness itself. It creates a thrill throughout the omnipresent field of Consciousness, heightening the entire world consciousness. And, as it is the fundamental source of everything, it enlivens the innermost core of the pure sense of Being in everyone. The whole field of universal life is uplifted all at once, in one stroke.”

— Lucia and Lawrence [lorn] Hoff, The Incredible Reality of YOU: A Spiritual Guide to the Awakening of Consciousness


“It can seem a bit bewildering how modern cosmologists still approach the most fundamental forces of the universe with a mental paradigm of “separation” instead of “unity”. It seems as if they haven’t realized that “electric and magnetic” are complementary forces that work to create “fields” through a process of equilibrium, and that electric forces that expand and project, then transform into magnetic forces that contract and draw energy back into the center or core, in much the same way we breathe”. — Linda Gadbois

If we want a more beautiful world, a less cruel world, maybe we should notice how our consciousness is creating the reality we encounter every day. We might be surprised to discover the source of our dysfunctional world is in how we think and feel. We can’t stop atomizing the world, because we imagine a world composed of disparate pieces.

A lot of trouble comes out of that simple but basic mental construct. The implications are far reaching. The disrespect engendered threatens to destroy all life. We can’t see how everything is tied to everything else, not like parts of a machine but like dancing lovers.

Consciousness is everything. It’s the matrix of existence. Our unconsciousness of the miracle and beauty of the roots of creation condemns us to poverty of all kinds. Lacking reverence for the miracle of existence has reduced us to survivalists in a threatening universe. Our focus is on tools of survival and self enrichment at the expense of the web of life itself. Our deficit of vision, imagination and empathy constitute a guillotine hanging over our heads.

Our physical survival is increasingly threatened by the limited nature of our awareness. Some people think our current situation will jolt us out of our childish fantasies, but I think things will probably get worse before they get better. As a society, we have somehow declined in the ability to think and feel connected to others. That is essentially a global emergency. No strategy is going to resolve this short of a fundamental change in consciousness. The prevailing stupidity abroad doesn’t give a lot of confidence that wisdom will win the day.

Our responsibility to ourselves and our fellow creatures is to grow our hearts and our imagination of the world. Changing the world starts at home, with ourselves. Changing the quality of energy we put into the world is our first mission if we want to be a help rather than a hindrance.

A viable world is a beautiful, thriving world. It’s a world built out of wisdom of the heart.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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