Connections of The Soul

David Price
4 min readMar 19, 2020
Painting by Lizzie Riches

The heart-bone is connected to the soul-bone.

The initiated adult has learned to withstand uncertainty, has paid a debt to the gods through his loss and his grief, and has decided to make beauty with his life as the future ancestor that he is.”

Excerpt from Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-pa Turner (

“At any meaningful turning point in life, we must face our deepest fears in order to grow. And typically a turning point can feel like the worst thing that could happen to us. At one level we are at a collective turning point, we’re at a place where we must stop and listen to the body of humanity, even listen to the voice of the earth.

But the essence of a pilgrimage is not simply that we arrive at some Holy Grail place somewhere in the world. Rather, the outward journey is intended to separate us from the daily rounds of life, in order that we might make that great journey, which is the inward journey.

There may be a great crowd of seekers if we should arrive at the holy place, and yet, each seeker is alone in what they find. Each sees the Holy Temple of the great stone from their own vantage point and in their own way, and each awakens to a deep sense of self, or soul, that albeit is found in that aloneness, tells them they are never alone.”-- Michael Meade, “Living Myth Podcast #166”

If humanity is truly at a great turning point now, there will be confusion and grief before we…



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