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“As a species, we are on the cusp of an evolutionary choice. Standing at the dawn of this perfect storm, we find ourselves at the beginning of a process of civilizational transition. As the old paradigm dies, a new paradigm is born. And many people around the world are already making the evolutionary choice to step away from the old, and embrace the new.” ~Nafeez Ahmed


No one yet has made a list of places where the extraordinary may happen and where it may not. Still, there are indications. Among crowds, in drawing rooms, among easements and comforts and pleasures, it is seldom seen. It likes the out-of-doors. It likes the concentrating mind. It likes solitude. It is more likely to stick to the risk-taker than the ticket-taker. It isn’t that it would disparage comforts, or the set routines of the world, but that its concern is directed to another place. Its concern is the edge, and the making of a form out of the formlessness that is beyond the edge. — Mary Oliver


We are presently witnessing the weakening of a 5000-year old fear-based system (“Babylon”). It is an exploitive, warring, patriarchal, money-based reality (recently disguised as “democracy”) that has painfully dominated planet earth but is now collapsing as a love-based world is emerging.

This is an intuitive age, where we will be guided by our intuition based on our clarity and trust. To do anything from our fears, just slows down the birthing of this new paradigm. I’ll chose love. It is what we are all being called to do.

— Robert Roskind

I’m interested in ideas and people who can reach beyond the current catastrophe to the next turn in the evolutionary path. There is no lack of self appointed soothsayers predicting our final ignominious end, but I think that’s too easy. It betrays a lack of imagination. Yes, human beings in the aggregate don’t inspire optimism. There is no lack of proof that we’ve dug a hole too deep to get out of.

Still, I’m not so sure. Humans are nothing if not creative. If we can connect our creativity to our capacity for kindness, maybe we can heal our self created wounds to a great extent and initiate a better way forward. If we can create a global disaster, we could just as well create a paradise on earth, couldn’t we?

The only thing lacking is vision and wisdom of the heart.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Evidently, it’s the most complicated and difficult thing in the world, judging from how vehemently humans resist even considering it. Of course there are cultures much closer to this spirit than we moderns are, but they’re “primitive.” We could never live like they do, and they’re not interested in our toys and conveniences either, proving how primitive and clueless they are.

They don’t seem to know how to compete and dominate. They seem to be counting on cooperation from invisible forces.

We know better, don’t we? We know that it’s every man for himself, from birth to death, at which time we get our own harp and cloud.

So, which way is the wise way? Or is there a new path that includes elements of both and introduces completely new insights? Why not? We know, at least some of us do, that we’re on a dead end street, that we’re going to have to change direction. To do that, we’re going to have to see differently, understand differently, feel differently.

That’s our challenge. It’s not just a technical problem. Yes, this current threat from a virus can be overcome by rational means, but eventually, what will have to change is us, you and me. The one thing nobody wants to do.

But that’s what’s coming, ready or not, as the children say. We can hold back destiny for a while but eventually it will break through. That time has been building for centuries. I think we’re going to see it come to fruition in our lifetime.

It’s now time to think of love as a basis for all life.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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