Breaking Away

David Price
3 min readNov 23, 2021

“Mother” in Latin is mater, from which we get the Latin word materia, or “matter” in English. If we do not allow her to express through us the Eros principle of instinctual friendliness, bonding and oneness with all creatures and plants and the Earth herself, she manifests in our psyches with a vengeance as compulsive and enslaving materialism and addictive consumerism, which really is a display of how much Logos-power we can wield….

The present catastrophic state of our Earth’s ecology is a direct result of the imbalance of the feminine Eros and masculine Logos principles, specifically in the collective psyche of the Western nations, based on the Judeo-Christian heritage that insinuates that “Father, sky, spirit, Logos” is good and that “Mother, earth, flesh, Eros” is bad. This mentality also implies that it is all right to subjugate the feminine Earth along with all women, her representatives.

Of all the theologies of our planet, Yahweh, the Judeo-Christian God image, is the only bachelor god in existence, implying that the divine can only be masculine. Where does that leave the feminine?

We must understand that theology tells more about the psychology of theologians than it can ever hope to do in describing the Indescribable Absolute.

If a culture’s god-image is imbalanced, everything in that culture will be imbalanced. Western culture now endangers the very existence of the planet because of its basic disregard of the vitally important and life-sustaining feminine Eros principle.

“Jung to Live By” — Eugene Pascal


King Pentheus wouldn’t honor Dionysus as a god, and the maenads ripped his body apart.

— Jon Wilson

If you’re born and raised in a madhouse can you imagine what sanity is? Can you find your balance and not be affected by your environment? The norms of your culture will not look insane to you. We don’t have a good reference point to see ourselves because it’s so hard to stand outside the culture that formed us. All our relationships and assumptions are based on an invisible imbalance.

There are repercussions to blind spots in our vision of what is essential in life and what isn’t. If the world around us omits essential elements, if we don’t even have words…

David Price

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