Be A Help, Not A Hindrance

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The slow moving emergency that we call life requires not just good-enough managements skills of getting food and shelter, it also poses the conundrum of love, character and the limits of self interest. I think we are on a journey to discover why we live and how we live as our best selves.

Relationship seems to point to how we function best. “No man is an island,” and all that.

But what does that imply? To me, it implies service, fulfilling your deepest self helping and not being a block to the well-being of others. And more than that, somehow finding in yourself that thing that helps others thrive, based on a consciousness that we are all family.

For me, that would be creating something that promotes awareness of beauty and making meaningful connections about why we live.

The media is full of stories of rampant self interest, as if it were possible to gain a better life for yourself by shutting others out, denying them their means of survival. Why? Because they’re “not one of us.”

The unconsciousness, the blindness in that judgement is, to me, an accurate yardstick of where human consciousness currently is.

We know that kindness and a sense of commonality are simply not newsworthy and that generosity is, in fact, not unusual. I do think, though, that the crisis on the world’s horizon will bring this question of universal relatedness to the status of our collective survival.

In our small personal lives, the act of putting reflexive self-interest aside to be of service to others, imagining the inner reality of other people, is a basic life skill. People need help. For example, on this forum there are writers who are trying to learn the craft of framing their thoughts in language. And there are helpful people who are a few steps ahead of the rest of us, willing to hold out a friendly hand.

This is a small example of community. We are all learning, even those of us who are “helpers” are learning how to be human.

Our real community is broader than we imagine. It’s all living forms.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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