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Granting others life as a key command of organising one’s own existence, and of building society, was never a concern of market thinking. To the contrary, it is deemed a hindrance. Reality here is construed as a dog-eats-dog world (according to the “natural state”, described by Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan). Reciprocity with the living world in this thinking is denounced as a naïve dream. — Kosmos Journal


His entire body felt like a dance only he was not dancing, but the Universe was dancing him….Understanding was not anything that could support what he was experiencing but seemed to be only one way of thinking and one possibility among many…There was not even the remote possibility of ‘alone’. He was a dimension of a magical place, although that is not a word he would have used.

He found that language did not even penetrate this realm, although language seemed to spill out of it like a new river gushing out of a mountain bedrock. He experienced himself in deep contact with everything around him and the self that he felt himself to be was fluid and continuous with this everything. There was no separation nor even the possibility of separation. There was only an ongoing flowing and he was part of it and he was it and it was everything.” — Steve Gallegos, Dream Visits: Stories for the Inner Child, vol.3\


But when we live on the surface of ourselves, as most people do, we live in divided space; we feel separate from everything around us. We can say that the world of the severely defended person is (almost) flat, whereas, at the other end of the spectrum, the world of the advanced spiritual master is (almost) round. This is a deepening of perspective, a deepening of contact with oneself and others.” — Judith Blackstone

Our inculcated mental space seems normal to us because everyone we meet in our small world lives in a similar shallowness. Millions of people live in constricted little worlds without the slightest suspicion that there is more to see and experience. I’m not talking about travel or the concrete physical world.

I’m talking about mental spaciousness or the lack thereof. The world is demanding mental spaciousness. It requires minds that see and feel the reality of connections that exist between everything. There is an inner cosmos we don’t suspect the existence of because we cling to our flat little world. We don’t actually want to see it because the way we imagine the world would be challenged, destroyed.

There’s only one problem with this. The way we imagine the world and the way we have constructed our lives in it is false. It’s a childish self-serving fantasy. Left alone to play itself out it will destroy life on the planet. There is no escape from this denouement if we continue with our “normal” life. It’s a suicidal ethos.

Who would have thought that the universe runs on love, on spiritual vision and a sense of connection to everything? That one idea will dismantle our grand mechanical construct where we have made our home. We in our culture are due a grand comeuppance, nature’s response to our hubris.

How could we ever have believed that self interest is the wellspring of all progress and happiness on earth. Are we that stupid? Evidently so.

That’s the next task of civilization — un-stupefy ourselves. Nature’s voice is speaking to us with ever greater urgency. If we’re not completely deaf we may be able to save ourselves and every other living being. I have chosen to have hope that there is a greater intelligence at work in all this.

Still, we need intelligent humans now. Let them come forth.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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