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\”Pre-corona, if we were sleepwalking into the Surveillance State, now we are panic-running into the arms of a super-surveillance state in which we are being asked to give up everything — our privacy and our dignity, our independence — and allow ourselves to be controlled and micromanaged. Even after the lockdowns are lifted, unless we move fast, we will be incarcerated forever.

How do we disable this engine? That is our task.” — Arundhati Roy

As the world gets stranger
and more broken,
each of us must learn
to steer by the stars in
our own souls.
~Martha Beck

The old-paradigm fear-based world is collapsing while a new-paradigm love-based world is rising. The collapse is getting much media attention while the rise is getting only a little on alternative outlets.

DENIAL — Most are avoiding the reality of the major forces at work that threatens us all (Coronavirus over-reaction, GMOs, fracking, chemtrails, banksters, endangered environment, WMD, and almost every major corporation and government riddled with corruptions).

Between this and their own personal challenges (health, financial, relationships, loneliness, etc.) they are dealing with their fears by getting deeper into unhealthy coping methods such as alcohol, antidepressants, gluttony, mindless entertainment, obsessive shopping, etc.).

OMG FEAR — Some are willing to look the present global and personal situation in the face and are freaked, — getting angry, despairing, depressed, etc. This greatly limits their ability to help birth the new coming age.

Robert Roskind

We are living in a time of world change, but it hasn’t sunk in yet. Most people, especially those feckless actors in the financial and governmental sectors, are assuring us that everything is getting back to “normal” very soon.

It won’t, and it shouldn’t. We have shirked our responsibilities to the web of life too long already. We have refused to look in the mirror. We are spiritual babies. The world can’t go on without the love and care of mature humans. It has taken all the punishment it can.

Now, humans meet their karma. It’s not a pretty picture.

We suddenly find ourselves in an alchemical retort, undergoing a transformation whether we wish it or not. People of small vision will attempt to seize power. They will use whatever means they can find to wrest whatever short term profit from the web of life we all depend on. We should not underestimate them or their determination to do their utmost to lay waste to everything except their own bank account.

It’s plain that they will lie, cheat and kill for money and power. They don’t want equality or democracy or fairness. They want advantage however they can get it.

And then of course there are those who are uncertain who’s right. I don’t know what to say about people who are so preoccupied with the details of their personal lives that they don’t notice what’s happening around them. Will they vote? Will they choose their candidates based on cursory appraisals? Can democracy work if people don’t participate because it takes effort?

Now is the time for large hearted people of vision to speak up and to act with force and determination. People who are kind hearted naturally are more circumspect than the simpleminded vandals we’re used to seeing in control of our worldly affairs.

Some countries seem better equipped to ride these rapids than the US is, New Zealand, for example. We Americans have failed the test of choosing wise leaders. The ones we have are herding us into the abyss.

Once we find ourselves living in a smoking ruin there will be an immense repair job to be done. Because I read a lot, I’m aware of great numbers of visionaries, of geniuses even, who have been shouting into the wind for decades. Maybe some catastrophic event like the Coronavirus will make people a little more receptive to an alternative view as to how we should live.

A new type of human is needed now. Such people exist and are working for a better world every day. We might find the so-called heaving masses of humanity more receptive after a tragic, widespread experience of death and destruction.

If not, then we’re really in trouble.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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