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Worldbuilders R Us

I use the word “artist” in the most universal sense meaning a person who creates something beautiful or meaningful, using materials with love, understanding and sensitivity.

Whether you’re building your art out of paint, words, dirt or stones, you are building the world. Domination, profit motive, exploitation, utility, revenge, and even physical survival play little to no part of the impulse to make art.

We humans have an instinct to sing and dance, paint and write, fashion and build. There’s something soul satisfying in the process.

And yet we see the cultures of destruction in control of territories, governments, business and military budgets, which dominate the daily tenor of our lives. There seems to be a disconnect between acts and consequences in the consciousness of homo sapiens.

Are we too blind to see we’re destroying the world this way? Will the world have to be destroyed before we can connect our tiny vision to the end of history?

We hope not, but those of us who would rather spend our lives creating a little beauty and happiness off in our corner of the world may be drafted into a larger project.

We may be required to speak up for the soul of the world, which is suffering right now because it is being attacked by a human culture of ego. The implications of a deficit of basic kindness and breadth of vision are shocking. Voices are rising that warn of a dire future, a future that is not remote, but immediate.

Those of us who are not sociopathic, not sectarian nor devoid of heartfelt generosity are the builders of the world meant to rise from the ashes of the current debacle.

We are natural born builders of connection, of meaning. Artists who naturally follow their instincts will explore joy and delight in the details of existence, as well as the roots of a soulful life, love itself and what it means to be really alive.

These are the tribes of the future we need.

Some of us have felt a lifelong mission to open our hearts and discover the deeper meaning of being alive in a body.

These folks, in my opinion, are the people who will build and save the world.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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