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Or are we giving birth?

Maybe both, but it feels like a difficult gestation. Something is off kilter. It’s not in the body. The body is working fine, at least up until recently. There is something not functioning in the spirit, the mind, the vision of one of the denizens of Planet Earth. That mind seems to be a killing mind, a mind that can’t see itself or the paradise it inhabits.

The birth of an earthly paradise is in serious question at the moment. There is a need for midwives and shamans and soul doctors of all kinds. An emergency like this calls for all hands on deck.

Connections between species and environments are being torn asunder, needlessly, stupidly. It all comes down to one species, human beings, who bear responsibility for the precipitous degradation of “the commons.” It cannot keep going in this direction much longer.

It all comes down to one question: do we care enough about the natural world to save it or not? If we don’t care, it’s because we don’t know that we are one small part of a natural system that will die when the rest dies. We will perish because of our ignorance, our hubris, our refusal to see what’s in front of our eyes.

We will also disappear from this planet from a simple lack of love.

I don’t think we have an option to let others concern themselves with these questions while we go on with our quotidian worries.

I think we have to take sides, vote, speak out, stay informed and be counted. Yes, the news is frightening and discouraging, but hiding until it all gets better is not a smart maneuver, in my opinion.

There are clear-eyed people who are devoting themselves to changing this trend, whether in politics, business, or by simply writing about the issues.

I’m joining that tribe.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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