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There is perhaps another reason we are witnessing so much pain in the world today. The entire species is deeply into a transition period from a fear-based world to a love-based one. It is recorded in the prophecies of many indigenous people and now we are here.

During this time, Babylon — the exploitive, greed-based, unconscious 5000-year-old system that has spread across the planet — is now both being revealed and trembling on the verge of collapse — environmentally, socially, financially, spiritually. Apocalypse means “revealed from behind the veil.”

As this takes place there will be several responses. To the fear-based among us, it will drive them into denial via shopping, media addiction, drugs, alcohol, incessant busyness. To the greed-based, they will use the “corrupt open door” to enrich themselves, at least in Babylon’s terms. To the mean-spirited and deeply troubled, driven crazy by the coming collapse, they will strike out in violence towards themselves, family and friends, and strangers.

However, to those remembering their own and all others Divinity, it will push them too — to be loving, forgiving, centered, trusting in our Creator, and calm in the face of chaos. Breathe deeply. It’s going to be a rough landing but it is happening. — Robert Roskind


The needful thing is not to know the truth but to experience it. Not to have an intellectual conception of things, but to find our way to the inner, and perhaps wordless, irrational experience — that is the great problem.

Nothing is more fruitless than talking about how things must or should be, and nothing is more important than finding the way to these far-off goals. Most people know very well how things should be, but who can point the way to get there?” — Carl Gustav Jung

I agree that the experience of something is more powerful than an idea or description of it, but I think we need words to point us toward the experience. We need to entertain the possibility that if we explore a certain direction in life, we may discover things of value. Jung is pointing in a certain direction with his words here. He obviously doesn’t think voicing these ideas is useless.

Right now is a good time to test this theory. Right now we need new ideas and people who can articulate them. We need to think things that have been difficult or impossible to think up to now. We need to imagine a new world, a new way forward. The old vision of ourselves led to the current debacle. Clinging to that vision and refusing to consider a different way of being is suicidal. There are people who are willing to broaden their horizons, and there are people who can articulate the outlines of a better world for us to live in, a world we can create.

In the end, though, Jung is right. We must live as different, kinder beings, capable of deep experience. It’s time to wake up to our ties to all life. The idea of connection as foundational to our existence can start as an idea, but it will need to become real. When it is the reality we live on a daily basis, we have made the transition Robert Roskind is talking about.

What looks like an apocalypse is simply the next stage in our spiritual evolution.

We don’t want to discount the suffering involved, of course. For a lot of people, the next few years will be shocking and painful. Human beings don’t seem to advance in wisdom without a lot of pain, unfortunately.

Those of us in denial will get the brunt of the coming storms. Refusing to see the obvious puts you in danger. Willingness to pay attention to the roots of our debacle is the first step to creating a better way forward. The tornadoes on the horizon are created in the minds of our species, strangely enough. If we let go of our entrenched preconceptions, if we grow our vision, we can easily work in tandem with the web of life.

Our ability to see is everything.

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