Anorexic Soul

David Price
3 min readApr 23, 2022
Steven Klein

“The most endangered species on earth is the human soul. Many try to stand in one world only, the world of the collective culture, thereby experiencing a sense of standing outside the true self, allowing too much waste into one’s life — due in part to over-immersion in the daytime world only. A sense of being ‘not in oneself entirely’ comes from not returning to the soul’s true home, often enough … a home that is not provisioned nor protected by the overculture. Thus, a critical susto (loss of soul nourishment) comes upon us. We are weakly linked or severed completely from the one-of-a-kind wild and wise self that emerges from the realm of mystery, dreams, and shadow.”

“ ….we (need to) see the way into and back toward home, that is, to return to el mundo doble, the double worldview, one that sees through the eyes of soul as well as through the eyes of the ego.

— Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


He said “I’m trying to get my life straightened out. I’ve made a few bad decisions but I’m trying”. The pharmacist is being very professional; he never took his eyes off the computer while he was asking questions. Not once did he change facial expressions or tone of voice but I noticed other people looking at him as if he was a leper. He said again “I’m really not a bad person I just made some mistakes”. Then to my surprise he looked down at his feet and in a half mumble said “My Momma loves me”.

— Robin Youngblood


I take heart in the knowledge that for most of human history our ancestors created social-governmental-economic systems that focused on long-term benefits for people and nature and were themselves renewable resources.

— John Perkins

There have been societies that kept eternal values foremost in their practices and consciousness. They have existed or else we wouldn’t be here and the world would be dead now. Somehow we’ve forgotten how to live like that. We’re brilliant at the mechanics of extraction of “natural resources” and making a profit. We compete with each other to create the most lethal poisons and tools of war, but our sense of the sacred has become vestigial and childish. The earth and its life forms are dead matter, to be used as we wish.

David Price

I write about creativity, loving, language learning and psycho/spirituality. I’m a longtime painter and reader.