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I tell him about a writer who, on publishing her 78th novel, said, when asked, “If what I write makes a woman in the Canadian mountains cry and she writes and tells me about it and then her Tom comes in from work and she reads it to him and he cries too, that’s enough for me.”

Sterling Bennett

As we are searching for our subject it may happen that our subject is searching for us, no different from our best partner or friends or place or work. I doubt if I could make anyone cry with what I write, but maybe I can get a few people to nod their heads or stop and think.

I never thought ecology or the condition of the natural world was my subject, but it’s beginning to look like that subject itself thinks otherwise. I’m willing if I can take an artist’s approach to it in the sense of how images affect me emotionally. The problem for me is conveying that emotional impact in words.

In the above image of an animal I see embodied the soul of the world in all its pathos. I feel more than an aesthetic appreciation, I feel sympathy, empathy. I feel emotions I despair of being able to communicate. I’m not that good of a writer yet.

I hope to be that kind of writer someday.

Logic is less effective than emotion in communicating basic values to people, I think. I’m still working on that.

I think the world needs all of us, novice and expert, to stand up for it now or forever hold our peace. That’s what I’m attempting to do here on Medium. There is a world in travail all around us. If we can mentally step away far enough to see that we could help if we could disentangle its neuroses from our own being, we might be able to help.

I think writers are uniquely placed to be able to heal the world, if they can slip the bonds of culture and the conditioned human mind even a little bit.

It’s a tall order, but anyone who thinks, writes and cares can do it. I’m convinced of it.

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