Abundance And Mastery in Art

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Painting by Lisa Ericson

“Transformation is the way of the soul. Each soul has an inborn code and an instinctive guideline that can both aim our energy and protect our lives. This inner Dharma or law of being depicts our true nature and can unfold our unique way of being and contributing to the world. What we learn from myth is how an awakening of human nature can make us each a part of healing culture while helping restore the vitality and abundance of the earth.” — Michael Meade

We already contain what we most deeply desire. Life, love, inner freedom, connection to all. The more we can realize this, the more we can undertake all things with a sense of abundance. Our inner abundance radiates a sense of worth, value, and ease, of having something to give to the world and enjoying doing so. Without abundance, we can be in the midst of riches and feel like a hungry ghost. — Jack Kornfield

True confidence builds on an idea that stumbling and making an embarrassment of ourselves is normal at the start of anything worthwhile — and no indicator of being destined to fail long-term…We learn to get good at things not by never finding them difficult, but by humbly accepting — and identifying — the problems and the pain and gradually working out how to manage them. — Alain de Botton

How we think of ourselves has power, the power to stop us in our tracks or the power to urge us to “give our gift to the world.” Creating is challenging work. We need all the encouragement we can get.

The best, most effective help comes from how we see ourselves. We will fail. That’s a given. But we learn and improve by trying again and again. In fact, that’s never going to change, even if we become skilled masters with deep knowledge of our craft.

We do the best we can at the moment to speak our truth, hoping to do better in the future. We are the carriers of abundance. Our task is to learn how to give it.

As we go forth in the world as creators and artists, the most helpful idea we can have pushing us forward is the notion that we carry inner riches to give, that the world needs what each of us has inside us.

We know that the world will not necessarily encourage us. It may not notice us, even. It’s up to us to give value to our own efforts and keep working. People will show up who appreciate the value of our offerings. They will self select. It won’t be everybody, but those who need our message will take hold of it because it helps them.

People need beauty. People need a life of meaning and purpose. Humans inspire each other. The best thing you can do is to feed the soul of another person, to somehow help them to become more fully themselves.

I’m inspired by the memory of my father, who insisted upon helping others ascend the social ladder by funding their education, even when he was cash strapped himself. Even when my mother complained bitterly. He felt his abundance years before it became true in the real world. I think that’s why it did manifest, because it was real in his mind.

I work on the plane of spirit and soul. I give what encouragement I can by pointing to impediments embedded in beliefs and fears. Thoughts are powerful. I think it’s essential to see the hurdles we have installed in us by family and society. I believe it’s crucial that we keep learning, that those who can help do help.

Help of all kinds is needed everywhere. Everyone has a gift of some kind to give, if they know themselves well enough to recognize it. You will know yourself by trying things. Failure is not the issue. Love of the practice is. If you love anything you will develop it.

That love will enable you to manifest something the world needs.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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