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“So it’s a critical moment of human history, not just because of the coronavirus, that should bring us to awareness of the profound flaws of the world, the deep, dysfunctional characteristics of the whole socio-economic system, which has to change, if there’s going to be a survivable future. So this could be a warning sign and a lesson to deal with it today or prevent it from exploding. But thinking of its roots and how those roots are going to lead to more crises, worse ones than this”. — Noam Chomsky

There comes a time when we must allow something timeless to touch us in order to truly change and move beyond our fixed attitudes and limited understanding of the mysteries of life. When it seems like all might end in disaster, it becomes a question of finding the deeper imagination of life, the enduring patterns and essential stories that reunite us to the pulse of nature and the heart of culture…If we can stay in touch with ourselves, if we can find the connection to our deeper selves, we can find this deeper level of hope that truly should be called imagination.” — Michael Meade

“I have been surprised by how much we are loved. I would never have believed when I began this journey half a century ago, that one could be loved so completely, totally in ways that are bewildering in their intimacy and intensity. I never believed that love could infuse every cell of the body as well as becoming a living presence within the heart. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

A new way of being is rushing toward us. Only the visionaries see it coming. Everyone else, experts, financial leaders and authorities alike, are trying to set the dominoes back up as they were before. That’s not going to work. Business as usual is gone. The cries and reassurances that keep throwing their shadows on the wall are already losing their mesmerizing powers. People are already suggesting new ways of living, ways that don’t automatically exclude kindness.


The privileged classes are sweating bullets about now, but they are protesting too much. They’re showing their nervousness. How will they live if the slaves quit rowing? “Maybe if we threaten them with starvation, maybe then they’ll go back to work”. Then again, maybe not, if we see the danger, if we get a glimpse of a better way.

I think the new paradigm is a powerful energy force that is coming whether we wish it or not. There are forces and counter forces in creation that seem always a little beyond our ken. This current turn of events was probably inevitable and unpredictable using logic, but fits into a broader balance of forces than we can imagine or plan for.

But now that it’s here, we can use it for the creation of a — dare I say it? — a kinder, more beautiful, more loving human existence than before. That doesn’t sound quite so pie-in-the-sky as it would have a few short months ago.

This catastrophe enables our imagination. We can not only imagine, we can get more concrete about how and when. The ideas are there. The technology is there. The energy is there. And it’s not hard to see the disaster that has been preparing itself if we didn’t change our ways.

The important thing to change is our thinking. We have to see the gaps in not just logic, but in simple kindness that exists in our current system. How did we ever create such a cruel system? What kind of people were our ancestors? Why do we accept that kind of life? How do we come to want to preserve it?

This event is a shock, especially for those of us who are well adapted to the system that is collapsing. Things are going to be chaotic for longer than we wish. Innocent people are going to suffer. But I’m looking for people with vision, people who can apply themselves to this situation, who can fend off the fascists and authoritarians and help build the new way forward. It’s complex and the outcome is not determined at this point.

Imagination is needed now more than ever. The arts and those who create art are needed. Writers with ideas will suddenly be favored. This is a time of collapse but it’s also a time of renaissance.

We were born in an interesting time.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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