A Fine Disregard

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I have acceded to a stage of life where I have a fine disregard for the opinions of others about our earthly voyage. I do not care what others think.

But I remember my youth, when I was affected by the censure and disapproval of elders and those who held the reins of my life in their hands. I know now just how little most of those people understood life on planet earth. They confused tactics with wisdom.

In fact, most advice about how to live comes in the form of tactics and strategy, not meaning. Certainly not beauty.

Seeing that always confused me as a child.

These teachers, family members and social poobahs may have learned how to negotiate the rapids of their particular culture, how to win a spot at the table, how to not be run over in the rush for survival, but they had no depth.

It’s important to cultivate your core self, I believe.

We are born into a culture in which imaginary survival details swamp the beauty and meaning of life, as if they are of no consequence.

My fight with my culture and even with my family was along these lines, which, looking back, I now see as a lifelong battle.

To a great extent, I see the noise of the modern world as distraction and interference with the true fundaments of existence, which in my opinion, are connection, caring and meaning.

Having lost our lifeline to this source, we are moribund.

I think it’s important that those of us who could be called “sensitives” start to assert ourselves. This forum includes many talented writers, who have that tool at their disposal.

But we need vision. We need to pull back and see the whole. We need to speak for life in all its forms. We need to speak for justice for all life-forms. We need to take sides.

Living for personal survival is not enough. It’s beneath us.

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I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and travel. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

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